Focus? What’s that? Memory? Ha!


“blink blink blink” goes the cursor.

I had a great idea for a post today on my way to work. I really did. Then somewhere along my drive, it escaped me.


It popped like a bubble in the wind. Or when you try to reach out and grab it, to catch it, it pops on your fingertips.

Likely, it was the guy with the mullet who was picking his nose holding a cigarette. His hair didn’t look hair-sprayed, but I was a little concerned that he would light his hair on fire.

Classic distraction.

Then again, maybe it was a post that wasn’t meant to be just yet.

Instead, I suppose I could tell you about my secret for fabulous french toast (You should use cinnamon raisin bread and put an extra egg and vanilla paste into the milk mixture. Also, cook with real butter.) but I forgot to take photos of it last night. I brought left overs for lunch, but it just doesn’t LOOK the same. No biggie.

I could wax poetically about missing my brother, but I find my heart hurting when I think about it. Who needs that?

I could tell you that I’m starting to not hate my hair cut and am even appreciating that she managed to cut it in such a way that you can see actual wave and shape. Then again, I’d like to SHOW you that and for some reason I just can’t seem to get a photo of what I’m seeing in the mirror. Don’t you hate that?

I could share some really great blog posts I’ve seen lately.:

There’s this one from Gina about Bo Eason (You can skip the part about the IDEA conference if it’s not your thing.) Bo’s video is about 40 min long, but I think Gina summarizes his points nicely.

This post from Kristen resonated with me about un-following and reinforced the good feeling when I clean out my blog reader or unfollow sites on facebook. My twitter is mostly people I want to hear from

And here’s one from Girl’s Got Shine that featured one of my digital funnies. More here

There were a few more, but I can’t remember where I saved them and can’t find them now.

Focus and memory. This girl’s is shot today.

Let’s play a game. Leave me a link or @bakingsuit me on twitter to share a post you think I’ll really enjoy. It’ll give me a break later from air quality surveys/plans, building inspections and FMLA provisions.  (My job pays the bills and I don’t hate it, I never said it was exciting.)

Pin found here, inspiration all my own

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Focus? What’s that? Memory? Ha!

  1. Even if your not a parent, I think you would enjoy Coach Daddy. He does these great posts on Fridays where he answers his kids unending questions… and I’ve learned a couple of things. He’s quite funny too

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